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In Memoriam

wallNo man is dead, until he is forgotten


(There are two Sisters listed here, Momma Black Cat, Founder of the Black Cat Association, Coleen Riley Pullen and Donna Elliott)

There is no right, no wrong... No truth nor falsehood, no good nor evil. There is only responsibility and commitment.

If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always. Take what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.

And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell 1 January 1970 Dak To, Vietnam, Listed as KIA February 7, 1978


In Memoriam

282nd Roster of known members. Click member last name for more details.

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Lastname Firstname Type Tour Duty Status
De La Torree Jose M. Soldier KIA 18Jun69
Di Donna Anthony Soldier 65-66 Gunner Deceased Occtober 14, 2011
Dioguardi Bob Soldier 65-66 Mechanic DECEASED Jul 24, 2015
Dodd Claude E. Soldier 70-71 K-D Team DECEASED
Donovan John Soldier Gunner Deceased July 6, 2010
Dopson Richard A. Soldier Pilot Deceased 12, 2006
Doran Thomas F. Soldier 69-70 Pilot BC-19 DECEASED Decembe 16, 1996
Doyle Mike Soldier 68 Pilot CD-06 Deceased Oct 24, 2019
Duran Tom Soldier Deceased Dec 16, 1996
Dwyer Richard Soldier DECEASED 2012
Eaker Terry Leon Soldier 69 N/A Deceased Nov 7, 2015
Easley Leonard Eugene Soldier 66-67 Pilot DOW 14 Aug 67
Elliott Donna NOK (Sister) Deceased Oct 22, 2017
Elliott Jerry W. Soldier 68 MIA 21 Jan 68
Ellis Thomas Soldier DECEASED 1975
Ester Claude Soldier 67-68 powertrain shop Deceased January 19, 22021
Evans James "Ron" Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased Jan 9, 2018
Fabry Christopher NOK Deceased
Fabry Craig P. Soldier 70-72 Gunner AC Deceased October 2, 2008
Farress Bill Soldier 69 Gunner 1st Deceased December 1, 2019
Farver Russell Soldier DECEASED
Feagen Robert A.,III Soldier 69-70 Pilot Deceased August 2, 1996
Fishbeck Jay P. Soldier 66-67 Crewchief Deceased January 12, 2012
Flagg Paluel "Pal" Soldier 68-69 Pilot DECEASED Dec 14, 2004
Forman George W. Soldier DECEASED
Forsyth James Soldier 67-68 MACV Adv DECEASED
Foster Paul Soldier 66-67 Crewchief Deceased June 11,2005
Franklin Joel Soldier Pilot Deceased December 20, 2023
Franklin Sr. Joel Herbert Soldier Pilot Deceased December 30,2023
Freda Arthur A., Jr Soldier 66 Crewchief KIA 3 Sep 66
Froman Gerald E. "Jerry" Soldier 70-71 Pilot/BC DECEASED July 14,2008
Fulton James Soldier DECEASED
Gaddis Danny Soldier Crew Chief Deceased December 1998
Gannon, Jr. Francis James "Frank" Soldier 66-67 Pilot Deceased December 14,02019
Garcia Joe A Soldier 68-69 Pilot Deceased December 1, 1979
Geer Larry R. Soldier 68-69 CO 484th Maint Det Deceased Feb 11, 2016
George Louis Irving Soldier 69-72 1st Sgt DECEASED (1-13-14)
Giles Larry Soldier Deceased 23Mar02
Giles William V. Soldier 69-70 Crewchief Deceased 6, 2019
Glessner Michael Soldier 65-68 CE Deceased February 24,2020
Gooden Alphonso "Al" Soldier Cpt/Pilot Deceased August 7, 2012
Hackney Clifton Soldier DECEASED 1994
Hall Jerry Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased February 25,2021
Hanlin Gary F.(Butch) Soldier 68-69 Hangar Parts Dept Deceased Dec 10,2005
Hanson Wayne W. Soldier 66-67 Maint Deceased Sept 7, 2018
Hapney Jimmy L. Soldier 69-70 Pilot Deceased April 16. 2022
Hardy Thomas B. Soldier 66-67 DECEASED April 21,2009
Hasselman William George Soldier 70-71 pilot d. NB Air crash 29Apr71
Heck Sterling Keith Soldier 69 DECEASED
Hester John C. Soldier 70-71 DECEASED