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In Memoriam

wallNo man is dead, until he is forgotten


(There are two Sisters listed here, Momma Black Cat, Founder of the Black Cat Association, Coleen Riley Pullen and Donna Elliott)

There is no right, no wrong... No truth nor falsehood, no good nor evil. There is only responsibility and commitment.

If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always. Take what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.

And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell 1 January 1970 Dak To, Vietnam, Listed as KIA February 7, 1978


In Memoriam

282nd Roster of known members. Click member last name for more details.

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Lastname Firstname Type Tour Duty Status
Seales John Soldier 68-69 Gunner Deceased April 5, 2022
Seivers Cecil Allen Soldier 70-71 Pilot/BC 20 DECEASED April 20, 2005
Sevin Richard P. Soldier 66-67 Pilot AC-7 DECEASED April 18, 2013
Sherman Jack D. Soldier DECEASED June 22,1974
Sibert Lester W. & Janice Soldier 69 Pilot AC Deceased January 7, 224
Silberman John Soldier 69-70 Pilot BC-28 Deceased January 21, 2022
Simes Robert Garland Soldier d NH Air Loss 23Aug70
Simmons Joel B "JB" Soldier 68-69 Pilot BC-21 DECEASED
Simpson Johnny & Dorothy Soldier 66-67 Airframe Deceased January 19, 2024
Slack Harry Marshall Soldier 68 Deceased December 3, 2016
Smith Billy R. Soldier 67-68 Crew Chief DECEASED 6-4-13
Smith Danny Soldier 69-70 Gunner DECEASED 8-3-14
Smith Edwin L. Soldier 66-67 POL DECEASED
Smith Richard & Nancy Soldier 68-69 Flt Plt Sgt Deceased Dec 10, 2010
Snyder Leo J. Soldier DECEASED
Springston Thomas M. Soldier 67-68 Pilot/ AC7 Deceased July 30, 2020
Stanley Charles Irvin Soldier CW3 MIA d. Air Loss 6Feb69
Steiner Warren C. Soldier 69-70 Crewchief DECEASED April , 2014
Stevens Alfred Jackson "AJ" Soldier 68-69 Gunner DECEASED 6-15-14
Stevens Kenneth Roger Soldier 69-70 Pilot BC-22 DECEASED February 20,2008
Stevenson Robert Forest Allen Soldier DECEASED Aug 31, 2004
Stiner Tom Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased Aug 16, 2017
Sullivan Kenneth Soldier DECEASED
Sullivan William F "Bill" Soldier 66-67 CO BC-06 DECEASED March7,2009
Sutter Fred Robert William Soldier 67-68 Pilot DECEASED August 20,2014
Swisher Lee E. Soldier 67-68 Crew Chief Deceased May 28, 2019
Takehara Yoshio "Tak" Soldier DECEASED
Talbot Theron Arnold Soldier 65-66 Pilot Cpt DECEASED September 24,1993
Taylor Ron L. Soldier 69 Pilot Coachman 16 Deceased August 19, 2007
Teffeau Arthur Robert Soldier 70 Pilot BC26 Deceased January 8, 214
Teleky Dr. Thomas Soldier 67 Crewchief/Gunner DECEASED September 25, 2007
Tew James C. "Shorty" Soldier DECEASED
Thibedore Robert G "Bob" Soldier 67-68 Gunner (A) Deceasedd November 6,2014
Thomason Al Soldier 67-68 Crewchief #693(2nd) Deceased September 12, 221
Thompson Marvin Soldier 67-68 Crewchief DECEASED
Thompson Roger Soldier 71 Pilot AC Deceased August 27, 2022
Thummel John L. Soldier 67-68 Gunner Deceased 1999
Toborg Tommy Soldier 69-70 Gunner Deceased October 14, 2021
Toews Allen L. Soldier 67-68 Pilot (2nd) DECEASED Dec 21, 2007
Tonkin William G "Bill" Soldier 66-67 Crew Chief Deceased 4/30/2018
Torrey Dave Soldier 69 Pilot DECEASED July 23, 2016
Travis Lyle Thomas Soldier 67-68 Crewchief (A) DECEASED June 21,1926
Trojecki John Soldier DECEASED
Truscott, Jr Lowell "Dee" Soldier 67-68 Crewchief #089 Deceased February 22, 2018
Tucker Joseph K. Soldier 70-71 Crewchief - 67N2O Deceased March 12, 2023
Turner Bill Alvin Soldier 70-71 Pilot BC-99 Deceased March 14, 2011
Turner Lester D. Soldier 70-71 Tech Insp Deceased August 22, 2023
Turner William David Soldier 67-68 Gunner & Cook DECEASED (2005)
Ubrey William F. Soldier 66-67 1st Sgt DECEASED
Varvell David Lee Soldier DECEASED