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In Memoriam

wallNo man is dead, until he is forgotten


(There are two Sisters listed here, Momma Black Cat, Founder of the Black Cat Association, Coleen Riley Pullen and Donna Elliott)

There is no right, no wrong... No truth nor falsehood, no good nor evil. There is only responsibility and commitment.

If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always. Take what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.

And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell 1 January 1970 Dak To, Vietnam, Listed as KIA February 7, 1978


In Memoriam

282nd Roster of known members. Click member last name for more details.

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Lastname Firstname Type Tour Duty Status
Ahola Dennis Soldier 69-70 Gunner (A) Deceased October 26, 221
Alston Andrew A. Soldier 66-67 DECEASED Feb 24, 2004
Applegate John C. Soldier 69-70 Pilot BC-13 DECEASED Oct 28, 2008
Arrandale Glenn W. Soldier 69-70 Deceased May 1, 1979
Atanian Heidi Soldier 67-68 Crewchief #874 Deceased Sept 18, 2017
Austin Carl Soldier 68-69 Crewchief DECEASED Feb 2013
Babish Bruce Soldier 68-69 Pilot AC-14 DECEASED Nov 16,2013
Baker Clifford D. Soldier Pilot Deceased July 30, 2011
Bane Walter Thomas Soldier Deceased
Barsanti Ralph E. Soldier 67-68 Pilot DECEASED March 8, 2009
Beaty Alfred W. Soldier 67-68 Gunner Deceased April 4, 2021
Beinke Vernon Soldier Major DECEASED
Bench Eugene D., III Soldier DECEASED April 27, 1991
Benoit William R. Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased November 2, 2021
Benson Robert Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased November 6, 2020
Blood Wayne Robert Soldier 71-72 XO/Pilot Deceased July 26, 2004
Bodway Fred Soldier Airframe Repairman Deceased 12Apr18
Bodway Fred Soldier 69 Airframe Repair Shop Deceased April 12, 2018
Bowen Rex Soldier 71 Pilot BC-25 Deceased June 12, 2020
Branch Wayne M. Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased March 24, 2002
Brantley Jerry L. Soldier 70 Pilot Deceased January 19, 2015
Brawn Soldier 67-69 Crewchief Deceased April 26, 2019
Brennan John W. Soldier 70-71 Pilot Deceased May 14, 2006
Briggs Ronald D. Soldier MIA - d. Air Loss 6Feb69
Brothers Raymond H. Soldier 71 Pilot DECEASED Sept 11, 2004
Browning George Robert Soldier KIA 18Jun69
Brown Joe Soldier 70-72 Pilot AC 39 Deceased March 21, 2022
Bryant John E. Soldier DECEASED
Buford William Chester "Bill" Soldier 71-72 Pilot DECEASED April 15, 2002
Bullard Bernard "Frenchy" Soldier DECEASED
Bultman Roy James Soldier 66 Gunner DECEASED d. NBC 3 Sep 66
Burch Walter M. Soldier 70-71 CO BC-6 Deceased August 16, 2016
Burnett Jim Soldier 67-68 Pilot Deceased June 8, 2022
Campbell Mark Soldier 68-69 Gunner DECEASED
Carr George Dare Soldier KIA 18Jun69
Christiansen Eugene F. Soldier KIA 6Feb69
Clipp Gerald D. Soldier DECEASED 1976
Closen Roger Soldier 68-69 Pilot Deceased April 22, 2020
Cocherell Mcade Soldier 68-69 Pilot Deceased June 8, 2022
Cochran Thomas Hume Soldier DECEASED June 18, 2005
Coder Dean Soldier 71 Pilot AC-37 Deceased Nov 1, 2019
Colburn Edward Bart Soldier 67-68 Pilot BC-29 DECEASED April 19, 2004
Cooper Nelson J. Soldier 66 Pilot/Cpt DECEASED Aug 2005
Cowles Mark Allan "Ozzie" Soldier 70-71 Pilot AC-07 DECEASED January 18, 2005
Crothers Ronald Soldier DECEASED
Curtin Mike & Jan Soldier Crewchief #916 Deceased April 17, 2013
Darnell Ron Soldier 69 Gunner DECEASED 6-14-15
Davis Terry W Soldier 68-69 Pilot AC-5 DECEASED June 20,2015
De Bernardo Bob D. Soldier 69-70 Crewchief Deceased November 2, 2020
Dedrick Dwight A. Soldier KIA 21Jan68