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Searching for Jerry

reprinted from Red Clay, Newsletter of the Veterans who served at Khe Sanh Combat Base,Hill 950, Hill 881, Hill 861, Hill 861-A, Hill 558 Lang-Vei and Surrounding Area

December 1967

Since late December '67, the 325th and 304th North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had been deployed from east to west across the DMZ and had been transporting supplies from depots north of the DMZ to caches north and northeast of Khe Sanh. At least 114 short tons of rice had been moved, and 200-300 tons of rice were transported, enough rice to feed an entire division for one month. In addition, at least 41 tons of ammunition, the equivalent in weight of a basic load for one division, had also been moved. To one 304th squad leader, Tran Dinh Ky, this continued supply buildup indicated to him that plans of a coordinated offense designed to seize and hold key objectives were being implemented.

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Searching for Jerry - 1999

reprinted from www.vietvet.org

Vietnam...for more than thirty-years the very mention of this foreign country conjured up images of canopied jungles, wild animals, rice patties, and thousands of Asian's in black pajamas and pointed grass hats. Now, at last, I have been to Vietnam, I have walked unafraid where many brave men died in battle. I have stood on the very ground where my lost brother was last seen alive. And still, I ask myself, "Why?" Since I cannot answer my own question, I will simply tell you of my experiences while "in-country".

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