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Don Aird - Thursday, 24 January 2019 12:13

I'm a Vietnam Veteran, member of Vietnam Veterans 1018 in Fenton, MO.  We received some memorabilia from a St Louis member of your group.  This memorabilia was found when a house was being renovated.  There is no name that identifies the Vet.  Lots of pictures with names of the men he served with.  Alley Cats was his unit and his helicopter was #288 "Little Ms Bright Eyes".  I'd be happy to send this material to you if you are interested.

Don Aird

Charley Battery - 1/83rd FA - FDC - January 1970 - March 1971 

Vicki Decker Niemi - Wednesday, 16 January 2019 15:48

James (Jim) A. Niemi, Major, US Army and Florida Army Air Force Reserve, passed away on July 6, 2018 as a result of prostate cancer.  He was a 100% disabled veteran.

Bruce Clarke - Monday, 14 January 2019 11:08

Was looking on the Blackcat website to see if anyone from the group ever followed up and completed the PUC effort that I had started for support of my advisory team during the initial days of the Khe Sanh battle.  

I still have all of the material that I collected if anyone else wants to pick up the pieces.


Thanks for your support in January 1968.

Ludwig B Aske - Monday, 31 December 2018 11:23

I am attempting to locate anyone who was with the 282nd during the period May 1967 and May 1968.  I remember that Maj Re was our CO at the time.  I at times crewed the U8 of the commander and flew missions as needed.  I also would like to find someone that worked in operations during this period.  To all my brothers may you all have a Happy New Year with your families and friends.  I was called Cousin Brucie.  The Italian.

Judy Stiner - Sunday, 30 December 2018 18:03

I tried to send an email to krayjenn@verizon.net, the address in the newsletter.  I wanted to share some news about a deceased member, Tommy C. Stiner.  His death was reported at the time, Aug 16, 2017, and you published the news.  This is something new and current, an airport being re-named.  What is the best way to contact you? 

I receive the newsletter but have a change of address to report.  What is the best way to do that? Thanks.

Gene Womack - Saturday, 24 November 2018 02:21

Attempting to locate  friend Stu Turner. He served as a Black Cat CE and DG from 70-71. He dropped off the radar and I'm checking to see if he's still vertical. Any assistance will be appreciated. Clear right

Gene Womack

189th AHC Ghostriders 70

179th ASHC Hookers 71

ray jennings - Wednesday, 21 November 2018 11:16

I wish all by Brothers and their families of the 282nd AHC a Happy Thanksgiving. Let's remember the things we are thankful for and NEVER FORGET our Brothers who are no longer with us.

bernard r bold - Sunday, 11 November 2018 17:03

I want to ask what happen to black cat 848 it was in second platoon. when  I left august 1967 and went to 196th in anson. the picture of the second platoon on the home page was taken in plk march 1967  they took two  picture one just flight crew and the whole platoon. I know because I am in both pictures

ray jennings - Sunday, 11 November 2018 06:50

I want to reach out to all my Brothers of the 282nd and say Welcome Home Brothers and to the ones who did not make it back RIP. I wish all vets Happy Veterans Day.

Lisa Schlichting - Saturday, 10 November 2018 15:16

Hello, my dad was with the 282nd Assault Helicopter Co 12th battalon. His name was Gene Wildenradt.  He served 1967-1968. He passed away in 1988. I am just wondering if anyone knew him? I would love to hear from someone who did. Thanks so much!